Collaboration and communication are crucial for getting along with people from different generations and backgrounds
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What is like being part of a multi-generational team at work

Collaboration and communication are crucial for getting along with people from different generations and backgrounds

Collaboration is the secret for a successful multi-generational team, especially in such a global, multi-cultural and complex scenario. Millennials, Gen X, Baby Boomers find themselves for the first time in the same working environment and the more they decide to collaborate the more the quality of their work improves. According to leading experts on generational change understanding communication differences between the younger and older generations is crucial.

Multi-generational teams are becoming progressively frequent within the working field, and the difficulties that employees have to overcome consist in learning how to improve their communication skills and to be cooperative. But once the most critical difficulties have been fixed, according to Forbes having a workforce made up of three or four generations become a powerful advantages for businesses, thanks to the wide of ideas and knowledge from a broad group of people that can actually help employees excel in their work.

Main challenges of a multi-generational team

As an employee, in order to find the right balance within a multi-generational team, you will have to deal with the following practical challenges:

  • Dissimilar Values
  • Communication style
  • Different working approaches

The above elements impact on how you interact and share your expertise with others. Take for example a specific project management tool – the approach of a Millennial can be quite different from a Baby Boomer. In this case, if you are a team leader you should create a common ground for everybody in terms of methodology and approach. In order to avoid conflict, communication needs to stay informal, clear and transparent, in order to create a collaborative and understanding setting.

Here’s a list of tips for cultivating a fair environment within a multi-cultural team:

  • Everyone should have the chance to be a leader with the right extent of supervision
  • No cultural or age-based barriers that would slow down the learning process
  • A culture based on authentic care, constant dialogue and collaboration
  • Cross-activities that involve everybody, no matter the age or background
  • A context that goes beyond myths and stereotypes

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