Be an active candidate and turn the question around by creating a different level of complexity
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‘Why should we hire you?’: best answers during a job interview

Be an active candidate and turn the question around by creating a different level of complexity

During a job interview you might find yourself having to answer the following recruiter’s question: ‘Why should I hire you?’. And it’s never easy providing a complete set of arguments able to give a representation of why you want to enter the company. For sure you should deliver an interesting motivation that will capture the interviewer’s attention and interest.

Don’t start with praising yourself 

Try avoiding being too self-referential, because the recruiter already knows the reason why she or he decided to invite you to the interview. Be objective about your professional experience and instead talk about the value that you are able to give. Send a clear message to the recruiter and offer a perspective on the results and achievements that you’ve reached. Your unique individuality with all its peculiarities has to emerge and distinguish itself.

Focus on the skills that best match the role 

The recruiter is also focused on reducing the gap between the skills that are being required and the ones of the candidate. Describe in a very concise manner the skills that better match the job position and stress the expertise that you have acquired in time. Tackle also the concept of complexity that you are able to manage at work. If you think you are also very good with people management, a trait that is consider outstanding in a more and more digital-driven environment, don’t forget all of your soft skills.

Talk about one special quality that allows to stand out from the crowd 

Before the interview, pick a special quality that will surely make the difference for the role you are going to be interviewed for. Don’t be afraid to also include personal but relevant details that can make the difference at work, such as hobbies, volunteering activities, sports. You need something that will make you stand out so that the interviewer can remember your persona.

Be bold and try turning the question around

Turning the question around will make you seem an active candidate that has a critical-thinking spirit. Instead of answering the question passively, rephrase the question: ‘What is it about your company that I like so much and make me a great fit?’ The main purpose is to create a much more interesting question so that both parties can have a lively and constructive dialogue around it.

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