Becoming a good pet sitter requires a natural sense of caring and a sense of duty. Pet sitting can be both rewarding and fun.
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Becoming a pet sitter in 2020

Becoming a good pet sitter requires a natural sense of caring and a sense of duty. Pet sitting can be both rewarding and fun.

Do you love animals, outdoor surroundings and long walks? It might sound really romantic but as a matter fact becoming a good pet sitter requires you to have various skills such as sense of responsibility, multitasking and empathy. If you are considering for the first time in your life taking care of other people’s pets here is what this type of activity implies: ‘pet sitting is providing care for an animal in a client’s home. This includes the obvious stuff, like walking the dog, feeding and watering, and providing some interaction while the pet parent is away.’ If the pet has special needs or a peculiar health condition you might be asked to sleep overnight or manage and give medications. A pet is a living creature that has several needs, and that is why in terms of soft skills you should have the following ones:

  • Patience and availability
  • Active listening
  • Sense of duty
  • Problem-solving
  • Empathy
  • Flexibility
  • A natural sense of caring
  • Knowledge about pets

Pet Sitter International was founded in 1994 and set the ground for a new professional opportunity

Pet sitters have a long history that started back in 1997 and three years before that the Pet Sitter Week was founded by Pet Sitters International. The week ‘honors pet care providers, teaching the public about the benefits of professional in-home pet care, and help those who love pets to seek a career in pet sitting. Pet sitting began when Patti J. Moran started own pet-sitting business in 1983. Back then, pet sitting was a career unheard of.’ The brilliant initiative of Patti Moran was in fact visionary and fitted perfectly with the start of a frenzy and post-modern society. People started to earn more money back then, but started to have less time at their disposal, and some of them had finally the chance of getting a pet. Nowadays, according to PSI ‘many pet owners prefer hiring pet sitters instead of the more traditional pet care options available’. The main reason behind this choice is due to the owner’s desire to avoid any form of stress triggered by traveling and a changing location. Many new pet sitting business (e.g. day care shelters, educational associations and training paths for aspiring pet sitters) are spreading all over the world and are literally flourishing. The evolution of the job market marked by flexibility lead to the pet sitting gig economy, featuring also the creation of apps and dedicated websites.

Moving forward, as stated by many pet sitters, one of the most negative aspects of this job emerge when you lose the relationship with a pet of which you had to take care for an extensive amount of time. And this can occur, of course, when you are no longer needed. But with time you will learn how to cope when it’s time to say goodbye to a special pet.

This is a job that will get out the best of you, being incredibly rewarding. As James Cromwell put it ‘pets are humanizing. They remind us we have an obligation and responsibility to preserve and nurture and care for all life.’

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