Career Options for Ocean Lovers
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Career Options for Ocean Lovers

If you know your passion lies in all things marine, and you want to make a living in a career that involves the ocean, you have quite a few options available to you. Several careers spanning different fields of interest in the seas are detailed below.

Aquatic veterinarian

An aquatic veterinarian is responsible for caring for sick or injured marine animals. You’ll have to study to become a veterinarian and then specialise in aquatics. Then you’ll have the chance to care for amazing marine animals such as whales and dolphins.

Marine biology

A marine biologist studies life in the ocean waters, from its smallest organisms to its largest giants. Many marine biologists specialise in studying one species in detail or studying a marine ecosystem in a particular geographic area.

Ocean meteorology

A meteorologist may choose to specialise in studying weather patterns over the sea. They monitor how different weather patterns affect the oceans (on and below the surface) and track storm systems such as hurricanes as they move across the oceans.

Marine archaeology

Marine archaeologists study historical artefacts found in the oceans. A marine archaeologist needs to have archaeological skills and be a very experienced diver. Study at a university is required to qualify as a marine archaeologist.

Marine conservationist

A marine conservationist is dedicated to saving the oceans and all the creatures that live in them. You can work for a conservation organisation or work for the government in discharging its responsibilities in conserving the oceans and managing their resources.

Scuba diver

As a qualified scuba diver, you can assist marine archaeologists, marine biologists, and researchers to obtain samples and explore the oceans in search of new discoveries. You can also become a scuba diving instructor and teach other people how to scuba dive.

Marine mammal trainer

If you feel a strong affinity for marine mammals such as seals and dolphins, you can pursue a career training them. You’ll then work at an aquarium where you will put shows on for the public. You’ll also get to share information with the public about the animals you care for and how they should be protected.

Underwater filmmaker

The life of an underwater filmmaker can be very exciting. You will need to study cinematography and learn to operate an underwater camera. The type of work you will do will vary from making exciting blockbuster movies to documentaries.


For an oceanographer, the sea is their office. They spend much of their time out at sea studying and monitoring various aspects of the ocean. That includes measuring the depth of the ocean and monitoring changes in the oceans caused by weather patterns and global warming.

Ocean engineering

An ocean engineer specialises in taking machinery and mechanisms normally used on land and adapting them for use underwater. An example of this is the laying of fibre optic cable in the ocean bed which requires sophisticated equipment and skills.