Smart Intuition Technology™ enhances your possibilities in finding a job

Accounts manager, digital marketing executive or customer success manager: Smart Intuition Technology™ enhances your possibilities in finding a job

Smart Intuition Technology™ offers to the user more inclusive and diverse results widening the possibilities of job research of the candidate.


Jean-Pierre Rabbath, Chief Product Officer and Vice President of Analytics at Jobrapido, talks about the advantages of Smart Intuition Technology™, which “offers the user more inclusive and diverse results, that broaden the candidate’s job search possibilities.

Thanks to the taxonomy, our research engine suggests opportunities to you that you probably wouldn’t have found or wouldn’t have taken into consideration. This is the added value of a technology that can be disruptive and revolutionary in the way people search for and find a job, without changing their habits.

Here’s how Smart Intuition Technology™ works.

In this blog post we are going to tackle the role of accounts manager, that usually requires the following main skills: being knowledgeable, customer/relationship-oriented, a strong communicator, results-oriented and having good business judgment.

But what about the traits that a good account manager should have? Here you are some that you might find interesting:

  • Being a people person
  • Being well-organised
  • Setting expectations
  • Being a great presenter and negotiator
  • Having commercial understanding
  • Being able to manage meetings

The Smart Intuition Technology™, makes it possible to obtain job search results linked with the above keywords for an accounts manager, in terms of similarity of skills and characteristics: for example sales development representative, sales executive, business development consultant, customer success manager, trainee recruitment consultant and digital marketing executive.

“With an industry poised to grow technically, both recruiters and jobseekers are expected to become smarter and more efficient. The rise of AI in the recruitment space will enable the development of new matching tools, and will draw correlations, assist in decision making and make predictions. All these tools, if used correctly, can improve the recruitment process and allow leaders to completely redefine the jobseeker experience”, as Jean-Pierre Rabbath has asserted.

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