Smart Intuition Technology™

Shop Assistant, Team Leader or Customer Assistant. How Smart Intuition Technology™ can increase your professional opportunities

Smart Intuition Technology™ proves to be not only efficient but also highly inclusive, improving your professional opportunities.

Jobrapido’s  Smart Intuition Technology™ can highlight your skills, provide the  tools to match you with the right opportunity, and find the job you’re looking for more quickly. When a job seeker searches for employment on Jobrapido, where taxonomy has been implemented, the results include all opportunities closely related to the seeker’s search.

The taxonomy system uses all the matching skills to suggest job opportunities that the seeker may not have considered. Here, we provide the example of a shop assistant and the skills required, together with the opportunities related to the main search.

The skills usually requested for a shop assistant are the following:

  • A passion for sales
  • Excellent customer service
  • Retail skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Administration skills
  • Visual merchandising skills


The job opportunities closely related to Shop Assistant are Team Leader/Manager, Sales Assistant and Customer Assistant.

The Smart Intuition Technologymethod has proved to be not only efficient but also highly inclusive, increasing and improving your professional opportunities. Don’t miss the chance to find your next challenge through Jobrapido.