smart intuition technology

Smart Intuition Technology™: The future of job recruitment according to Jobrapido

How to help you enhance your skills and find the job you are looking for faster.

Jobrapido’s mission is to revolutionize the way people search for and find work. This is why we are constantly striving to make the search experience of each of our users satisfactory and effective.

In order to reach this goal, we rely first and foremost on technology by implementing and studying cutting-edge solutions that allow our platform to always provide the best results.

Our method is based on a global analysis of the labor market with the aim of providing our users with real tools to guide them in their job search.

Smart Intuition Technology™ by Jobrapido

Today, we are introducing Smart Intuition Technology™, a technology developed by Jobrapido which uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, together with taxonomy, to help you find the job you are looking for more quickly, putting you in touch with companies looking for applicants like you.

The neat thing about Smart Intuition Technology™ is that there will be no need to change the way you are looking for a job! The innovation is there, but it’s not seen. It’s hidden in the way our search engine can catalog candidates and job offers thanks to taxonomy.

But let’s take a step back. What is taxonomy? It is a method of classifying data within a hierarchical structure, a bit like what happens with books on library shelves. The essays go on one side and the novels on another; within the “novels” category, there are many different genres such as mysteries, romance, fantasy, history, and so on.

Everyone must have walked down the aisles of a library or a bookshop at least once in his or her life: you probably realized that the way they are organized makes it easier for you to quickly find exactly what you are looking for.

Jobrapido’s insight was that taxonomy could make searching for jobs easier and faster. And it is with this conviction that we have developed Smart Intuition Technology™ using the millions of jobs collected on our platform and organizing them on a taxonomic basis.

Why will the search results be better with Smart Intuition Technology™?

Most digital job recruitment platforms use keyword recognition (known as Keyword Matching). This means that if you search for “Administrative Assistant”, you will only get results containing the keyword “Administrative Assistant”.

This is a serious limitation. Have you ever thought about that?

As a matter of fact, people who have the skills to work as Administrative Assistants could potentially apply for many other jobs: Financial Assistant, Legal Assistant, Secretary, Billing Officer, etc.

Thanks to Smart Intuition Technology™, Jobrapido manages to overcome this limitation and provides its users with the most complete set of job offers appropriate to their skills and their needs.

This is made possible by taxonomy, on the basis of which we have encoded and organized the skills, tasks, education and seniority relating to each job, linking them with the searches made by users.

We are, thus, able to guarantee that every search is matched with the most exhaustive set of results with no need on the part of the user to change or modify their habits in any way. We will take care of the hardest part.

Our goal? Your satisfaction

We believe in Smart Intuition Technology™ and are convinced of its revolutionary reach.

However, we put the satisfaction of our users as our utmost priority, and that is why we have decided to test Smart Intuition Technology™ before releasing it, letting those who are looking for a job rate it.

The test, carried out by an American company that specializes in these kinds of services, took place in Italy, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. In each country, the testers selected real user-made job searches and picked the top 15 results obtained for each search and compared Jobrapido and its Smart Intuition Technology™ with other digital platforms on the market.

The test results proved us right. The users were far more satisfied with the search results they got with Smart Intuition Technology™.

For this reason, we are pleased to introduce our new technology today and to step into the future of job recruitment with you.