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9 Best Summer Jobs For Students

Summer is here, and if you're a student you might be looking for a summer job to help you earn a little extra money

It’s good for your free time during the summer months away from school or university. This is the perfect time to earn a little extra money during the summer months. Probably the best solutions is to look for a part-time job or one that’s enjoyable. Here are some jobs which will help you enjoy the summer even if you’re working.

Top Summer Jobs For College Students

  1. Bartender: the classic of summer job. It is a very popular job and if the club or bar is pretty famous, you can have fun while you work and get to know a lot of people
  2. Steward in a disco: showing people to their tables only takes a few hours. The rest of the time you can concentrate on the music.
  3. DJ: if you have a bit of expertise and some good taste you can become the life and soul of summer parties.
  4. Game tester in water parks: Yes, this is a real job! If you love thematic parks, this job allows you to test out games and attractions at amusement parks before anyone else has a go.
  5. Sommelier: if you love wine and have done a sommelier course, this is a very satisfying job and very popular during the summer.
  6. Musician: if you’re in a band, summer is the best time to turn your interest into a job. You won’t earn much, but the summer venues always offer a lot of fun.
  7. Social Media Manager: you can earn by posting on social media and work wherever and however much you want. Doesn’t that sound like fun?
  8. Baby-sitter: do you like children? You can take them to the beach in summer and play with them. It doesn’t take much effort! What you will definitely need is a well-targeted CV.
  9. Blogger: if you have a winning Instagram profile, you can exploit it even further. You may have to work hard to become an influencer, but in the end the rewards will more than repay your efforts.