What are the perfect jobs for tech lovers
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What Are the Perfect Jobs for Tech Lovers

Do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life. This is what the idealists tell you when you are about to pick a career path. But, information is power.

Jobs for Tech Lover

If you are equipped with the right information, then you will be poised to prove these same idealists right. Living in the technological age, there are countless jobs available for people who love technology. They are ripe for the picking.

Database Administrators

These people are all about the business of managing information. They are tasked with sorting, storing and organizing all different types of data using a wide variety of tools and applications.

The daily life of a database administrator will be filled with data recovery, migrations, installations, configurations and many more. Problem-solving is key for this position, allowing for a perfect mix of creativity and logic.

Database managers also get paid a pretty penny for what they do, and they can land up getting paid upwards of £50,000 a year.

Web Application Developer

While the initial job of a web application developer may be to develop the application, the job does not end there. They are generally then tasked with maintaining and managing this same application along with a couple of other ones.

This job may be quite a lucrative one, with people earning at least £48,000 a year, but it does require quite a bit of knowledge on the topic. Specifically, it requires a person to know a whole host of programming languages. Namely Ajax, XML, PHP, and HTML5 for starters. Certificate programmes are available for those who wish to learn this knowledge from a professional.

IT Project Manager

These people are the big shots in the IT team. As the name suggests, they are not simply part of the team, but they form an integral part of the management of the team. They are the ones who take ideas and bring them to life. This includes overseeing employees, diving up duties and ensuring that everything goes as planned.

Managing such highly trained people is not, however, an easy task and it generally will require a qualification which is acquired at a post-secondary school level. Once this degree has been obtained, IT project managers could land up going home with £62, 000 a year.

Data Scientist

These people are responsible for raw data. They do not only have to manage the raw data, but they also have to perform operations on it which ultimately lead to a better understanding of the nature of the data. While all of this is done with a computer, meaning that computer science is a must, there is a fair amount of mathematics that is involved.

Operations on the data require algorithms and mathematical concepts that can only be fully understood once an advanced degree has been obtained. In terms of computer science, languages which are essential are C#, Python, and Java. People can expect to be paid £57,000 a year for having these skills.