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How to Rock The First Day of Internship

Your first day as an intern can be as daunting as your first day at work. At the start of your internship, you will naturally be hoping that when it comes to an end, the company will recognise your capabilities and offer to take you on permanently. So here are some tips on how to avoid panic and make a success of your first day as an intern.

Internship: Top Tips For the First Day

For a start, although you may feel worried about your first day as an intern, it’s really best to approach it with a cheerful attitude. If you let yourself become too anxious, it’s easy to make some trivial error that you would have avoided otherwise. Next, come to work after a good night’s sleep and make sure you follow this advice. Start the morning with a good breakfast to give your brain enough sugar to cope with the stresses of your first day.

Then, in order to make a good impression, you must ensure you’re not late for work on your first day. Indeed, you really should get there a bit early to hear about your duties for the day. Also, before going to bed in the evening, make sure you’ve put your clothes out for the next day, to avoid any last minute panic about what you’re going to wear.

If there comes a point during your first day when you realise you don’t know how to do something, don’t feel desperate: these things happen. Just go to your superior or whoever is supervising you and ask politely. It’s better to be honest than to try doing it yourself and getting it wrong. You’ll just earn a reputation as an arrogant snob who pretends to know everything on his first day!