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What to Study to Become a Personal Trainer

The job of personal trainer involves using your knowledge and skills to help anyone who wants to improve their physical appearance and lead a much healthier lifestyle.

To undertake this role in the world of sport, you will need some suitable training. Other basic requirements are patience and a willingness to relate to others. These are two essential qualities for any personal trainer. So if you have these attributes, we can turn to the question of qualifications and earnings.

Becoming a Personal Trainer: What to Study?

There is no specific degree course for personal trainers. There are, however, various professional or specialist courses you can take if you have a degree in some sport-related subject such as Sports Science.

These courses will provide you with the certification you require for practising this profession. To improve your opportunities for work, you need to specialise in a particular area of fitness. Clearly, this will mean taking another specialist course, but you’ll be rewarded in the long run, in terms of both more work and greater satisfaction. But bear one thing in mind: the work of a personal trainer doesn’t just involve doing exercises at the gym. You will need to have a basic knowledge of dietary needs, human anatomy, and also a little psychology.

How Much Does a Personal Trainer Earn?

The pay is very variable, but some personal trainers earn a lot. It largely depends on whether you want to go solo or work in a gym. There are pros and cons in both cases.

If it suits you better to work in a gym, you will have the benefit of fixed hours, and you’ll generally be paid £19,468 per year.  depending on experience. Obviously, if you work for yourself, you won’t have the security of a regular salary, but you might well earn more.