How to be successful on LinkedIn: 5 golden rules
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How to Be Successful on LinkedIn: 5 Golden rules

There are some people who have managed to be successful on LinkedIn. This is because they follow rules which optimise their presence.

LinkedIn is a valuable resource for expanding your working networks and to know people that can be useful for your professional field.

With millions of users worldwide, LinkedIn is absolutely the most successful professional social network in the world.

So how can you transform LinkedIn into a personal database for establishing new professional collaborations? How can you make your LinkedIn profile stand out? Here are five tips to follow to be successful on LinkedIn.

1. Keep up to date

LinkedIn has published a document on Slideshare entitled Job Search Guide. This guide is full of advice on how to use the platform at the best, as well as suggestions and directions on how to avoid getting lost in the sea of data and information that LinkedIn itself provides.

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2. Share

This platform can be used to share posts or discussion topics. Use it to show what you do without being afraid that someone will steal your idea or project. You should be careful, of course, but at the same time, those who look at your profile will get to see what you specialised in.

3. Use your CV

Your résumé on LinkedIn isn’t an attachment to leave there hoping that someone reads it. To make your profile stand out, translate your CV into multiple languages and update it often with courses, job changes, and current projects. This will show that you’re someone who keeps busy.

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4. Connect

On LinkedIn, network is everything. So, it’s important to accept connection requests from people you really know and to send requests to those who have been important to your career. In this way, you will create a solid network of contacts.

5. Ask for recommendations

LinkedIn lets you confirm your skills and write and receive recommendations. If you participate in discussions, confirm skills, and write recommendations for your colleagues, it will be easier for you to attract the attention of the many users who take advantage of this platform.