How to Answer the Question: Why Should We Take You On?

The interview is always a challenging time for anyone trying to get a new job. You’re worried about the type of questions you might be asked, and afraid of not being sufficiently qualified or of saying the wrong thing.

Not to mention the awkward business of discussing salary. These are just a few of the things that strike fear into the heart of candidates. And among the various questions the interviewer might ask you is “Why should we take you on?” This is definitely one of the hardest to handle.

You need to think carefully about your answer; avoid the obvious and give an intelligent response. That way, you’ll impress the interviewer. So let’s look at some possible answers to this question.

Why Should We Take You On?

  • Because I think I’m the right person to bring fresh creativity into the company: it’s rather a cheeky answer, but it’s certain to make an impact on your future employer. It will show you’re self-confident and aware of your potential.
  • Because my past experience could benefit the company: a calm, considered reply, which shows that you’re confident your expertise could help make the business run better.
  • Because I’m not pretentious but very determined: an answer that demonstrates your ability to work hard, and to be valued for your positive attitude and willingness to go the extra mile.
  • Because I’d like to be part of the company’s continuing growth: this indicates your desire to work hard, your interest in the company and your commitment to developing both yourself and those around you. You’re showing you’d be a proactive member of the team.
  • Because I’m good at what I do, and I think I can improve still further with you: this indicates self-awareness, determination and a desire to work. This answer says a lot about you, and shows you’ve got grit and want to exceed boundaries.