Phone Interview: 3 Mistakes to Avoid

Phone Interview: 3 Mistakes to Avoid

Here are several suggestions on how to handle a telephone interview, especially if the call is without a video connection to your future (hopefully) boss!

.Up until a few years ago, to attend a job interview it was necessary to take a train or a car to go directly and in person to the offices of the company interested in hiring you. Today, thanks to new technology, the interview process can be conducted through a phone call or a Skype video call.

While this simplifies the logistics, it does not automatically make an interview easier or less important. Quite the opposite!

To help you avoid running into any unpleasant surprises, we take a look at how to handle a phone interview. Especially if the call is without a video connection to your future (hopefully) boss!

Mistakes to avoid during a phone interview:

  1. Tone of voice
    This may seem superfluous: if you smile while you’re talking, the sentiment will be conveyed to the person listening to you. Likewise, if you are insecure or scared, this too will be perceived. These are signs of discomfort that communications experts are very familiar with. If you can, try not to answer questions by beginning with “Well, um…”. This is a very colloquial way of speaking which, in more formal circumstances, can convey a lack of certainty or insecurity in what you’re about to say. Therefore remain as calm as possible. There’s no need to speak in an affected way or to use a lot of big fancy words. It’s enough to smile, stay calm, and take a moment to think before answering each question.
  2. Answer the phone in a quiet place
    If you have a scheduled appointment for your phone interview, do not answer the call while at a coffee shop or at the supermarket. There are various reasons for this. From the most obvious, regarding the challenges of communicating amidst the chaos, to the more subtle and psychological. The perception of precision and reliability. If you are in a quiet room, not surrounded by people talking, when you are conducting a phone interview, you will avoid coming off as superficial. Listen carefully to what the interviewer has to tell you, making it clear that this job is particularly important to you and that you are capable of dedicating yourself fully to it.
  3. Postponing the phone call
    “I’m sorry, I would prefer to reschedule the phone interview for another day.” Avoid making this request at all costs. Even if you’re in the middle of a tornado. This request may be interpreted as a sign of disinterest. Being prepared and not changing the established time or appointment shows that you are reliable. A fundamental trait no matter what position you’re interviewing for.

Follow this advice when faced with a phone interview. You will know that you did everything you could to seem like the right person for the job!