Celebrating Halloween at Work
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Celebrating Halloween at Work

Companies are always coming up with new ways to delight their employees. Embracing popular holidays like Halloween is just one of the ways a company can create an enviable company culture.

Halloween is becoming an increasingly popular holiday in the UK. There appear to be more and more adults parading through the streets dressed up as ghouls and goblins. It is the one time of the year that everyone can enjoy dressing up and prank each other .

Also, there is the bonus that Halloween does not have any religious affiliations so there’s an opportunity for almost everyone to get involved.

If you are planning the office Halloween party or you love Halloween, we have got some great suggestions on how to navigate celebrating Halloween at work.

1. Halloween Competitions

When your company has loads of departments it is worth suggesting they choose a general theme.

Happy Halloween from CitizenNet! (PS : I won the costume contest 😉) (PPS: How cute are my coworkers?!)

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For example, if the theme is ‘animated TV series’, the marketing team can dress up as characters from Bojack Horseman and the IT department can come as different Pokémon. At the end of the day, everyone can vote for his or her favourite team and costume. Or request a Pumpkin carving competition during lunch.

2. Read the Rules

As fun as Halloween is for some people. There’s always potential for causing offence. Find out if the company has an established tradition of celebrating Halloween and if they have costume guidelines.

It should be a given at this stage that dressing up as other ethnicities or painting yourself another race is just a no go area . Also, you might not want to wear anything that could scare off new or existing clients.

3. More treats fewer tricks, please!

Pranks and trickery are part of the Halloween package some are harmless others are just lawsuits waiting to happen.

Halloween at Work

If you are a natural born prankster, it might be worth looking at workplace appropriate tricks and pranks for Halloween. If in doubt, don’t do it. You do not want to lose your job over a Halloween prank gone wrong.

4. Even more treats!

Bring in sweet treats and give them out to all of your colleagues or your team. It is a nice way to get involved and delight your co-workers.

It is also an excellent way to include the people that didn’t want to dress up in the festivities

Workspace goals… the Halloween edition 👻 🎃 #halloween2016 #itscoming

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5. Don’t forget to work!

In between the fits of laughter at some of your colleagues insane or ill-conceived costume choices, remember you are still on the clock and have work to do.

Step away from the silly string and get back to work. If you practised the Pomodoro technique, you can always indulge in a cheeky five-minute trick or treat at set intervals throughout the day.

Halloween is awesome at work as it is your chance to see a different side to your colleagues and co-workers and you can build stronger bonds over time.

No matter how your company chooses to celebrate Halloween. Always remember to stay safe, be respectful and to have lots of fun.