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Top Ideas for Startups: Be Inspired by the 5 Most Successful

There are some very successful startups and you can take inspiration for your new company from their achievements.

Deciding to set up your own business is not a simple option. There are almost seven thousand startups in Italy and achieving a winning formula requires effort, research and strategy. In Italy, this type of “self-made” enterprise got off to rather a slow start.  And although startups have proved popular and successful in most parts of the world, this has not happened here yet.


However, startups are now an important part of the national economy. If you’ve decided you want to embark on this adventure, there are certain companies in Forbes rankings that are sure to inspire you to launch your own startup.

5 successful startup ideas

  • Musixmatch: an app created by Max Ciociola from Bologna (Italy) and launched as a startup business. The idea was to give people rapid access to song lyrics. It now offers a catalogue of seven million songs in over 5 different languages ​​and is used by 30 million people.
  • Drexcode: this startup focuses on fashion, allowing you to rent clothes from famous collections at 15% of the purchase price. Many private investors have put money into this Italian startup.
  • BeMyEye: a startup founded by 41-year-old Gian Luca Petrelli from Milan. His team created an app that harnesses workers and their skills. Participants are alerted to a job that needs doing (such as checking whether a product is available in a local store). They take a photo and complete the job, and then are paid between 6 and 35 Euros.
  • Waynaut: for fast and easy travel, combining classic means of transport with modern ideas like car sharing. This startup was the brainchild of 25-year-old Simone Lini of Crema, and attracted a range of funding to grow the business.
  • Snapback: a voice-activated system for apps. This startup was the idea of Italian entrepreneur, Giuseppe Morlino, and was funded by companies and institutions who believed in the project.