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Working in the Tourism Industry without Experience

Would you like to work in the world of tourism, but lack any experience? Here's how to get started and achieve success

Working in the tourism industry has many attractions. There are plenty of options depending on what kind of job you’re looking for: from travel agent to guide, from receptionist to hotel manager. If this is your first experience of work, there are tons of job opportunities in this sector. Here’s how to get started in the tourist industry.

How to start working in tourism with no previous experience

Firstly, if you’re interested in the tourism industry, you could ask a travel agency if they need a trainee or intern. This would help you learning about the main areas of interest for UK travellers. And in this way, you’ll get a general picture of the mechanisms of the tourism sector.​​

Another good way for a novice to start working in the tourism industry is to take a job as a porter or waiter in a large hotel. These jobs are in high demand, in both small and large tourist cities. You can use this as a springboard to move up the career ladder. It is also a very popular form of summer work and the perfect job for students.

Alternatively, if you are really keen and would like to try out something new, you could plunge yourself into the world of tourism by working as an activity leader. Of course, it may not be your ideal job, but working at a holiday village for the summer will help you learn about the workings of the sector, and the needs and desires of tourists.