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Working in Tourism: 5 Jobs for Those Who Love Travelling

Here are five great career options if you love travelling and would like to turn your passion into a proper job.

If you love travelling and you wish to work in the tourism sector, here are some ideas to make your dream come true.

There are various tourism-related jobs that are perfect for insatiable travellers. Here are some of the best ways to turn your dream into reality.

Jobs for those who love travelling

  • Waiter or dishwasher: The classic options. If you want to travel abroad and meet people, applying for a job as a waiter, dishwasher or kitchen help is always a viable solution. But the work can be very full-on: do you really have the patience it demands?
  • Sailor: Quite apart from the romance or adventure associated with this job, working as a waiter or steward on a cruise ship will take you away from home for a very long time. But you will travel to places in the world that you wouldn’t have the chance to see otherwise.
  • Tour Operator: If you’re thinking of a classic job in a travel agency, expand your horizons and start travelling in your imagination. To start organising holidays and travel , all you need is a website, a Facebook page and a bit of strategic planning. So start plotting your moves and launch your very own tourism startup.
  • English teacher: This is a job  that lets you travel around the world. You can teach English in different schools and always have your suitcase at the ready!
  • Freelancer: Working in the world of journalism as a freelance editor or photographer is a very enviable career in that it allows you to work as much as you want and practically anywhere in the world. And there’s always a good reason to become a freelancer.

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