How to Become a Sports Consultant
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How to Become a Sports Consultant

A sports consultant could work with a sports entity such as a team to help market them and secure sponsorship deals from large corporations

A job in sports consulting can be equally exciting and stressful. A sports consultant must be able to market his/her clients, professional sports personalities and get them contracts, sponsorship, and endorsements, or organize corporate sponsorship for major sporting events.

A sports consultant could work with a sports entity such as a team to help market them and secure sponsorship deals from large corporations.

Whichever field of sports consulting you work in, it is a high-pressure environment which demands a cool head and a knowledge of the sports business. If you think it’s for you, here are some of the things you need to know beforehand.


A quality degree will set you head and shoulders above other applicants. You could study business administration, although some study law and technical-scientific degrees. Studies in marketing are also sought-after. If you have pursued post-graduate studies and worked as an intern or student-trainee, it will be to your advantage.

A Sporting Background

You need to prove a high degree of affinity and knowledge of sports. Regardless of whether you have played on a team or been a volunteer assistant, some experience and knowledge are critical. This is a niche in the job market that requires specialist knowledge. Even if your experience is in one sport, it will be advantageous as it means you have some knowledge of the inner workings of competitive sports administration.

Start at the Bottom

If you do not have the opportunity to study full-time, get a job at a sports consultancy as an intern. If you show potential, you will be offered advancement to work as a salesperson which only requires you to have a high school diploma. Find out if the corporation will assist you in paying for your studies. Or study independently, taking your time to complete your degree.

Decide Where You Want to Be

Once you’ve got the requisite experience, decide if you want to stay at the corporation or branch out on your own. The latter can be risky, although the rewards could be enormous.

Be a Numbers Person

Your aim as a sports consultant is to make money for your client (and yourself). You need to have business figures, market share analysis, and performance statistics at your fingertips. Demonstrating knowledge of these key factors shows that you are committed and able to secure lucrative transactions in favor of all parties concerned.

Confidence is Key

You need to exude confidence from every pore in your body. This will be important in your interactions with clients, your ability to answer technical and statistical questions, and your marketing strategies. A confident demeanor is critical. Sports stars, teams, and sponsors are putting their futures in your hands and need to see you as reliable, responsible, and knowledgeable.

Show Your Passion

Sports consulting is not a job that can be done in half measures. It’s black or white.  You do it all the way or not at all. Your passion must be evident to inspire the confidence of others