Fashion week fashion, trends and job opportunities galore
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Fashion week: fashion, trends and job opportunities galore

The spotlights are now on the world’s most fabulous runways.

Alongside glamorous events and gossip, the fashion world offers plenty of not-to-be-missed job opportunities too.


Fashion week is nearly upon us, giving us all a sneak preview of what’s hot for next spring/summer. Colours, trends and must-have pieces for the summer 2023 season will be shown on the world’s most glamorous runways: starting in New York, the shows then move on to London, Milan and lastly Paris.

From the most classic to the most extravagant looks, from wardrobe staples to innovative pieces, what we see on the catwalk is more than an item of designer clothing: it’s the product of a complex machinery made up of countless professionals with a huge range of qualities and talents, including intuition, creativity and passion.


Ever thought you could be among these talents?

Read on to discover all of the professions in the fashion world, and above all, the best job opportunities we’ve scouted for you.


When fashion is a passion that becomes a career

Designing a dress, making it, searching for the perfect fabric. Then there are the people who model it, photograph it, publish it in glossy magazines. The people who organise events, work in PR, and all the other key figures in the industry: let us take you through some of the main roles and suggest the best job opportunities in the fashion world for you!


Fashion designer: has in-depth knowledge of textiles and chooses the most suitable fabric for each of their designs.

Tailor/seamstress: with extreme precision and patience, they create the garment which had only been a design up to that point.

Visual Merchandiser: with an insightful gaze that knows how to capture shoppers’ attention, this is the person responsible for arranging goods inside a retail space and creating window displays.

Fashion photographer: they capture the beauty of a dress in photographic form. Whether it’s an editorial shoot or a live event, here are all the best opportunities!

Event organiser: the person who, with exceptional creativity and organisational skills, is responsible for organising fashion shows. They scout out the perfect location and manage every detail, from décor to invites and catering, liaising with suppliers.

Social media manager: social media communication is an absolute pillar of fashion retail in the 21st century. If you’re a communication and social media management expert, here are the best job vacancies in the sector!


We’ve suggested a whole range of job opportunities in the fashion world; but you’ll find plenty more on our website!

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