Focus on your goals, work on your resume and keep believing in yourself are the key ingredients to find a new job.
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Want to change Jobs? You can do this!

Finding a job is a job in itself: it takes time, energy and attention. Motivation and focus on your career goals are crucial. You must ask yourself some important questions before you start: which roles am I suitable for? Where do I want to work? What kind of setting do I aspire to? A large multinational or a small business? How and where do I find open opportunities? Do I go from door to door or navigate “by sight” through the deep seas of the internet?

Jobrapido is designed to help anyone who is setting about looking for new job opportunities. How? By simplifying their task and allowing them to see all the interesting jobs available depending on the location set. It’s not just a search engine, but a website that leverages its technology to optimize results.

Find out how Jobrapido can help you in your job search by connecting you to all available positions that match your needs and search criteria – even those you might not have had in mind.

Jobhunting in the time of Covid-19

Looking for new opportunities today is tougher than ever, due to the crisis situation caused by the pandemic. Many sectors have been hit hard, and most have put the brakes on new hires, particularly in tourism, hospitality, entertainment, and retail. Others, however, have seen growth in some key positions due to an increase in their business, think medical, pharmaceutical, delivery, logistics, food, energy. The fact is, the job market is changing since our habits and our consumption patterns are changing too, and as with all past crises, the ‘restart’ phrase will be full of opportunities. We can expect to see a redressed balance between job supply and demand soon. That said, we can’t wait for the end of the crisis to start pursuing our goals. If you’re looking for a job, if you are thinking that your current position no longer satisfies you, if you aspire to growth, don’t put yourself on standby: keep working, so that your motivation doesn’t run out.

How to keep motivation high

Believe in your goals and tackle challenges head on, with dedication and confidence, because climbing a mountain is never going to be a walk in the park. Seize the positives from this moment and turn them into opportunities. It won’t be easy, but it will definitely be useful. Because when everything starts up again, you’ll be ready and able to present yourself as confident, positive and decisive: like all the best candidates on the market.

Focus on your goals

Think about your situation and your goals. Ask yourself questions about the future and analyze your present. Having defined your objectives, assess whether you have the necessary skills to aspire to those positions. Check job advertisements for interesting positions, also to better understand what’s expected of certain roles, and which opportunities are right for you. If you realize you lack certain skills or knowledge, look for online training courses to improve your competencies.

Work on your resume

Prepare several resume templates tailored to the different roles you want to apply for. No positions open for your role? Then explore the websites of the companies that interest you and get ready to present yourself well even for spontaneous applications. There are several free tools for creating captivating CVs, as well as articles full of tips and communication strategies to best express your skills. Take the time to study these resources and experiment with different models.

Here you can find tips on how to write an effective resume.

Don’t stop believing in yourself

Being an optimist isn’t just a lifestyle, it’s a method for achieving one’s goals, especially professional ones. Cultivating a positive attitude will help you cope with any setbacks your career path might suffer; it will help you to manage negative feedback and bounce back again more quickly. In a highly competitive job market, timing is key to your success. Buoyancy also boosts your appeal: being positive, determined, and smiling will help you present yourself during the interview and, in general, in any work context, it is recognized as a plus point in employee evaluations.

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