What is the main trait that makes an entrepreneur truly successful and what questions you should ask if you meet him.
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Four questions to ask every successful entrepreneur you meet

An entrepreneur is not just someone who simply starts his or her own business, but also a very intuitive individual that identifies a specific need and knows how to fill it. We are talking about a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.” (Dictionary.com)

In order to become a successful entrepreneur some specific qualities are required, such as: passion, work ethic, ambition, creativity, discipline, and vision. These are just a few general traits, as there isn’t a perfect model; all people in business are unique in their own way. But still passion is a quality that all entrepreneurs should have. A successful professional goes beyond the economical aspect and long extra-hours. He is not afraid to put his weight into it to provide a unique service or product.

There is a sort of social purpose that defines the dreams of a successful entrepreneur: he feels the urge to give back to the community by creating value and new opportunities.

If you are looking for inspiration, here are four questions to pose to every successful entrepreneur you might meet along your career path:

  1. How did you transform your passion into a business?

Passion is the main driver if one plans to be successful, and this can be considered a strategic question that can help you unlock and better understand the vision of that specific person. Grasping the motivations, the risks and the fuel behind the passion is not only a source of inspiration but also an example to follow and replicate.

  1. How do you deal with difficult times, what is your method? 

This is more of a practical question, since it addresses a specific moment in time when one had to create new methods and new ways for overcoming a hard moment. Some successful entrepreneurs rely on their family, some find the right support in their professional network, and others create innovative solutions for their problems. Money is not always the issue, sometimes it can be about people management or lack of vision.

  1. What is your success routine?

Every successful entrepreneur has a personal routine that boosts his or her positivity and optimism. In some cases, we are talking about consolidated habits and in others we are referring to small gestures or behaviours that improve a mental state of mind. This is a very inspirational question that can reveal an interesting answer.

  1. What is the main trait that your employees should have?

High standards are usually a part of the game when it comes to the choice of what type of  employees should be in the entrepreneurs’ project. There isn’t a specific trait that you should contemplate in the answer you might receive, because it depends on the industry. But be assured that each entrepreneur has a very specific thought in what an employee should be great at.


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