How to handle the first meeting with your boss
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How to manage the first meeting with your new boss

Be honest and attentive during your chat so that you can grasp strategic elements

Are you about to have your first meeting with your new supervisor? No matter which field or job it concerns, it’s always a nerve-wracking professional encounter. It’s one of those meetings that will set the tone for your future interactions with him/her.

Being calm and open will help both of you to construct a positive dialogue in a formal but nice atmosphere. Usually there is a tense mood during these types of appointments, and that is why it is crucial keeping a really relaxed behavior, especially if your new boss is a difficult type.

Here are some tips on how to get through such a challenging moment:

Be a good listener with a critical spirit

Showing that you are a good listener will prove that you have an ability to understand the value and importance of the message that the other person is trying to convey. It will also allow you to create a more natural contact with your new boss. Don’t interrupt him or her during the chat, be patient and use a polite but not too compliant tone-of-voice. Demonstrate your critical spirit and have your say about the things you value in the workplace.

Be a good observer and try to grasp important details

Just like the first day at work, your first meeting with your employer will definitely be an unforgettable one. Staying focused and with a good sense of observation will give you the chance to pick up interesting details about the personality of your new boss.

Be transparent and empathic  

Don’t pretend to be someone you are not because this will be noticed right away. Be honest about your skills, expectations and past projects. You will give a sense of trust and empathy. Nobody likes people when they lie about themselves. Introduce yourself with authenticity, this will be an indicator of a loyal and reliable professional and human being.

Try to know as much as possible about his or her working style

One of the most practical things during your first meeting is trying to understand the type of working styles: analytical, organized, emotionally oriented or integrative? It’s a little bit like fine tuning of your personality and the one of your new employer. You might find out that you have common traits that can lead to a well-balanced working relationship.

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