Seasonal work don’t miss these opportunities for summer 2022
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Seasonal work: don’t miss these opportunities for summer 2022

Summer’s already here, but many businesses are still looking for staff to cover the season: let’s look at which they are, and how you can apply!

Tourist resorts, cafés, restaurants, beach clubs, discos, bars, shops… those are just some examples of businesses that hire staff for the summer season each year.

Seasonal work, which generally covers the period from June to September, is a great chance to earn a bit of money – and not just for students on vacation. Don’t underestimate the experience these jobs can give you: they can be a fantastic opportunity to develop some core skills, regardless of your age or any previous experience you might have.

You’re still in time! Find the right job for you and apply today.


Looking for the right job this summer and don’t know where to start?

We’re here to help, with lots of vacancies you can apply for right now. There’s something for everyone!

You don’t always need to have previous experience or come from a similar sector. In fact, the summer season is often a great chance to land that first job or take your career in a different direction, while building up your experience.


So don’t delay: here are some jobs you can apply to right now.

Holiday resort staff: there’s a boon of jobs and destinations to choose from, at home and abroad, not to mention a whole range of staff wanted: activity leaders, dancers, photographers… even with no experience but plenty of passion and enthusiasm for diving into a new adventure!

Waiters and serving staff: perhaps the most sought-after staff in tourist destinations, for bars, restaurants and nightclubs. If you’ve got communication skills and always have a smile ready, this could be the role for you!

Chefs and sous chefs: if you have a passion for cooking and are reasonably good at it too, this could be your kind of job. A vast number of positions are open for all types of kitchens, from bars to Michelin-starred restaurants!

Sales assistants and retail staff: in retail, you can find openings in all kinds of places, both full- and part-time. There’s also a huge variety of businesses and shops, which means you can look for roles that reflect your interests. So don’t be shy, show off your communication skills, and you’ll be the ideal applicant.

Now you’ve had a look at our suggestions, make sure your CV  is ready and apply in a click!

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