A part-time job the most in demand solution for those who want time for themselves
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A part-time job: the most in-demand solution for those who want time for themselves

A reduced-hours contract is the ideal position if you want flexibility without forgoing personal job satisfaction.

In the post-pandemic era, the demand for part-time jobs in Europe has grown so much that it has become one of the top job search categories of all.

Let’s take a look at why this type of contract is so in demand. And if this is the right solution for you, we’ve got plenty of job opportunities you can apply for.


How does a part-time contract work?

Part-time work refers to “a job contract of employment, either fixed-term or permanent, involving shorter hours than a full-time contract of 40 hours per week” (hours may vary depending on where you’re based).

Part-time workers have the right to the same conditions as their full-time colleagues, but their overall remuneration – including sick pay, injury benefits or maternity leave – is calculated in proportion to the number of hours worked.

There are different types of Part-Time contract that can be adapted to suit the various needs of the individual workers. What changes is the way working hours are distributed:

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Mixed

But what is it that’s driving more and more workers of all ages to look for a part-time job?


“I wish I had more time… but I work all day long!”

How many times have you said that? Perhaps part-time work is the solution for you.

Among the various impacts of the pandemic is that it has forced many of us to reassess our priorities and ask ourselves if we’re making good use of our time – and particularly whether we are truly dedicating enough of it to what makes us happy: a sport, a hobby, friends, family.

Have you ever thought that a part-time job could be a good option?


Achieving a work-life balance: with a part-time contract you can!

During the pandemic, a lot of people opted to make a radical life change: with the Yolo Generation phenomenon – inspired by the idea that “ you only live once” – flexibility became a key priority.

If you’re trying to reconcile working and having free time, a part-time contract could be the ideal solution for you: it lets you achieve career fulfilment while also giving you the flexibility you need to spend time on what you want most.

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