Three best practices to keep in mind in creating a video CV
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Video CV: Is it still popular?

Three best practices to keep in mind in creating a video CV.

A few years ago, it was all about how to wow recruiters with your dazzling, creative resume. Now, more companies using AI technology as a first line of defense when screening resumes, the focus has shifted to easy-to-read formats for robots. Learn more about how to get your CV past the bots here.

But there’s still a time and a place for video CVs – especially if you’re going for a creative role. In fact, some roles may even request that you submit a video as part of the job candidate process. While it certainly doesn’t replace a traditional CV, a video CV is a great way for recruiters and hiring managers to get a sense of your style, personality and your storytelling and video production capabilities. Here are three best practices to keep in mind in creating a video CV:

Production quality must be high

If you’re going through the trouble to make a video CV, make sure it’s high quality. While iPhone cameras are getting better and better, spend the time (and money) to shoot the footage with a decent camera in a location with a good background and acoustics. Putting the extra effort in to make your video look professional makes you look professional as well.

Don’t read from your resume

Reading your resume word-for-word on camera defeats the point of a video CV. Instead, tell a story about your experience. Pick examples from each role you’ve had that would need more context than just a bullet point on your resume and talk about it. This is your chance to bring your experience to life. Write a script that supports and enhances your experience rather than listing it.

Edit, edit, edit

Movie magic lies in post-production. Edit out any hiccups you encountered while filming, long pauses or background noise if possible. Add in finishing touches like background music, transitions and/or graphics to make your video CV polished and professional.

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