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Short-Term Winter Jobs for Nature Lovers

Seasonal winter jobs for those who love the mountains! Here are all the most popular jobs for lovers of the high peaks.

Nature lovers looking for short-term work can now start rolling up their sleeves. There’ll be lots of jobs on offer in the coming months! Fans of the mountains will have a wide choice of short-term jobs.

The ski slopes are packed in winter and the mountain resorts need extra help to cope with all their customers. Let’s look at the best short-term winter jobs for nature lovers.

Mountain Lovers: 4 Perfect Jobs

As we said, the major ski resorts always need extra manpower in the winter months. Mountain lovers therefore have a good choice of finding a jobs!

  • Ski instructor: you’ll need to do a proper training course and get certification. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have the chance to earn a good salary and work while practising the sport you love.
  • Waiter: like the beach bars in summer, the mountain restaurants and lodges need extra waiters in winter to cope with the growing number of tourists on the slopes.
  • Photographer: you may not believe it, but photographers who can also ski are much in demand in the major resorts, especially if they can take good snaps of your little one attempting his first downhill run. And the pay is good too!
  • Alpine guide: you need a lot of training for this profession. But you can earn good money in winter taking tourists on long walks in the mountains, perhaps even with snowshoes and poles. Professional guides are in high demand: it takes skill, ability and plenty of physical energy to provide tourists with a truly memorable experience.