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Agile Working: 5 classic work-from-home jobs

Remote working is no longer simply an opportunity or a benefit to offer when hiring talent.

Now more than ever it has the potential to become an organizational solution that companies could adopt as a permanent strategy.

This way of working has indeed emerged once and for all as an opportunity both for employers and workers, who have had to alter their routines to deal with the state of emergency caused by the pandemic. Home working allowed many companies to survive the total suspension of activities, by guaranteeing continuity and stability for their businesses.

What should we expect for the future?

The job market is most certainly going to change forever as a result of this forced work-from-home experiment. Even those who had never tried this option understood the enormous potential of remote working. Employers seem more and more inclined to appreciate the cost savings and greater flexibility that this solution could offer; for their part, workers experienced a definite improvement in their work-life balance.

If you are currently looking for new job opportunities, here is a list of the most common jobs that can be done remotely:

Customer Service

Online services – such as shopping and deliveries – require more and more staff to handle telephone customer service, with different levels of flexibility and different contractual solutions. All you need is a good internet connection, a private, silent area at home, and excellent soft skills.

Data Entry

Data entry is a task that can be easily carried out from home, with a high degree of flexibility and autonomy. This is an ideal solution if you have any personal commitments (studying, family, or other relevant activities) that would otherwise be incompatible with the traditional office work schedule.


Having excellent language skills will allow you to work as a translator wherever you are, for different industries and generally with a high level of flexibility: you’ll also need an eye for detail, analytical skills, a high attention span, and be able to ensure client confidentiality. Alternatively, if you prefer teaching there are many e-learning applications where you can lead classes remotely.

IT jobs

IT professions are always in high demand: engineers, developers, web designers, technicians. These jobs are often carried out remotely so, if you have the right skill set and you’re actively interested in a new work-from-home opportunity, do not hesitate to apply.

Social Media Manager/Blogger

Social media management and communication, blogging, content writing: nowadays companies generally use social channels to promote their brand image and their services/products. Whether you want to work from home or lead the digital nomad lifestyle, these positions  will fulfil your need for autonomy and freedom.


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