Digital nomads tend to work remotely and collaborate with various clients, managing multiple projects.
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What skills and passions should a Digital Nomad master?

Passion for travelling, technology and foreign cultures are the perfect ingredients for doing what you love

Do you dream of becoming a skilled digital nomad and travelling around the world? In order to enjoy a sustainable and profitable working lifestyle you need to have specific qualities and a high degree of dedication, considering that you will hop from one project to another.

But what do we mean by this role? ‘Digital nomads are people who are located-independent and use technology to perform their job. Digital nomads work remotely, telecommuting rather than being physically present at a company’s headquarters or office.’

It is fair to say that this working style became reality thanks to several technological innovations such as:

  • Content management software
  • Affordable Internet Access through WiFi
  • Performant Mobile devices (smartphones)
  • VoIP for maintaining a contact with other professionals

Therefore, a digital nomad should have at least the following qualities:

  • Unlimited passion for travelling and commuting
  • “Digital native” skills and curiosity about the latest innovations
  • Love for foreign cultures and diversity
  • Proficiency in networking and building authentic relationships

Here are some of the best jobs that digital nomads usually perform:

Virtual Assistant

If you are well-organized with great planning skills, you can consider becoming a virtual assistant. You will perform all those tasks that a personal assistant does, but from anywhere you might find yourself. For this specific role, being on time for performing calls is of extreme importance. As a matter of fact, ‘people employed as assistants usually have several years of secretarial or office management experience.’ Find the industry you think you would be great at and especially passionate about, this will facilitate your development.


Two of the most common activities suited for a digital nomad that loves reading, studying and writing are copywriting and blogging. Outside the competition is extremely fierce and being a professional with excellent and original writing abilities   can help you stand out from the crowd. You have to be able to sell your writing blog posts and make a job out of it. Staying up to date with the latest trends and techniques in terms of new publishing platforms, SEO, formats and market needs will allow you to create a great reputation among potential clients.

Social media manager

The field of social media keeps on evolving on a daily basis, and there is a constant request for creative content. You must be very passionate and incredibly informed about the content tools in order to help companies build their reputation. One of the most critical issues is related to the quality of the generated content. You cannot improvise yourself as social media manager – you have to be agile with the latest developments, basic knowledge of algorithms, a good eye for detail and analytical competence. In fact, this is a role that requires a whole set of digital and hard skills.

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