Being a fast applicant for a temporary position is of extreme importance for getting the job you want, especially for the Christmas period.
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Practical tips for finding your Christmas Seasonal Job

Retail and Hospitality are the sectors that demand temporary workers

According to the Management Study Guide, seasonal employmentrefers to the practice of workers and professionals finding work during specific months of the year and being idle during the other months in which they do not have any concrete job.’ Christmas jobs, being part of this type of employment, usually require some specific soft skills, such as empathy, a sense of responsibility, organization, and precision.

Keep in mind that this period of the year is one of the most prolific and intense in terms of the demand for seasonal workers. Therefore, this is a great period for students, freelancers and unemployed professionals. The biggest request for seasonal workers comes from the fields of retail, tourism, and transportation.

But finding the right strategy to get a seasonal job implies preparing yourself in advance:

  • Refresh your resume, elaborate a personalized version that is adequate for the kind of job you want to find
  • Get in touch with your network and inform everyone that you are actively looking for a seasonal job
  • Understand the type of industry that you would like to approach for a seasonal job
  • While searching for your Christmas job, don’t give up on your other activities or training programs

A common practice is to start searching for a Christmas job during the autumn, therefore in this case, planning and building ahead of time your research will increase your opportunities.

Let’s find out additional practical tips for getting a right job offer:

Keep an eye on Retail and Hospitality

These are two well-known industries that have a high demand for ‘temporary employees’. For both of these fields, the Christmas time is a very intense moment with a lot of vacancies. Focusing on this specific direction will save you an enormous amount of time and resources.

Large corporations are always looking for seasonal employers

During the research phase, take into special consideration the big companies. Don’t focus on the small ones that usually are quite covered. When applying online be sure to fill in all the required fields in order to have a complete application. All large corporations have their online recruiting platforms or use the engines such as Jobrapido, so making a good registration will improve your chances in terms of visibility.

Learn to become a fast applicant once you find the position you were looking for

 It’s true that a temporary job can transform into a permanent one but remember that if you want to get the job you have to act fast and apply as soon as you find the position that you like. There is the competitivity factor that you should never underestimate. According to recent studies, the jobs related to the retail and hospitality sectors ‘attract an average of over 25 applicants per position.’

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