Taxonomy is the future of job searching: how it works

What you learned in biology class is that taxonomy is the practice of classifying things. Jobrapido has applied the same concept to make the job searching process easier for both jobseekers and recruiters.

When you hear the word taxonomy, you probably think of biology. But did you know that the same practice of classifying things can help you find the right job?

Recognizing the limits of text-based searching, Jobrapido has applied the same concept of taxonomy that you learned about in biology class to make the job searching process easier for jobseekers and the search for talent easier for recruiters.

Learn more about Taxonomy and job matching from Jobrapido’s Chief Product Officer and Vice President of Analytics.

How it works

It all starts with data. Jobseekers who visit Jobrapido provide valuable information through the search terms they use and what they click on. Search terms entered by users as well as job postings from recruiters are coded and classified to create a taxonomy.

Today most jobseekers usually search one job title. Keyword-based search engines only match offers containing those exact words. So, if you searched for “executive assistant” jobs, you’d miss jobs with titles like “office manager” or “administrative assistant” that often require the same skills as “executive assistant.”

Taxonomy combined with machine-based learning allows our system to better understand the relationship between different search terms – making sure that you don’t miss out on an opportunity just because you used a different term than a recruiter.

In short, taxonomy takes the pressure off both the job seeker and talent seeker to connect the right people with the right opportunity. Try it out today at