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How to Find Work Easily: 5 Simple Ways

Five tips to help you find work fast: what to do, and how to cut waiting times.

We all know it’s not easy to find work. There are many hurdles to overcome, starting with sending off your CV and culminating in the interview process. So if you’re looking for a new job, you’re going to need a lot of patience. However, there are five things you can do that will help you find work faster. Here they are!

5 Steps to Help You Find Work Fast

  1. Choose your companies: select a few businesses you would like to work for. If you send your CV to lots of companies, you’ll just waste time. Then check to see whether they have any situations vacant or job ads. Also, look very carefully at the requirements for the job, so that you don’t go for interview and return home empty handed.
  2. Tidy up your CV: the classic CV with long blocks of text soon disappears under the pile of others on the manager’s desk. Make sure yours stands out! How can you do this? Use infographics, write an interesting cover letter and, if you’re applying for a creative job, think about making a presentation video as well.
  3. Don’t list too much work experience: you may well have had all the work experience in the world, but if you’re applying for a job as a marketing expert, you don’t need to mention that you once worked as a waiter. Just include anything that is relevant to your future job.
  4. Covering letter: write an effective covering letter or email that will help you stand out. Try to customise the letter as far as possible to suit each potential employer. In that way, the recipient will be aware that you are not just sending out a blanket message, but a specific set of personal information that you want to communicate to that particular company.
  5. Don’t rely solely on the Internet: although many job offers are online, it’s not the only way to find a job. It’s also important to network, take advantage of connections, and perhaps even visit the company to show how willing you are.