The importance of being up-to-date with the latest trends if you are considering a career in the recruitment field
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HR services are amongst the fastest rising industries in 2020

The importance of being up-to-date with the latest trends if you are considering a career in the recruitment field

As an employee it is advisable to keep track of how all types of industries are evolving and which ones are growing at a high rate, in order to better orient yourself when actively looking for a job. The global impact that the overall evolution of businesses has on the job market is extensive and it defines the way investments, shifts and paradigms will progress. The influence that this evolution has on workers during their job search is quite significant. Let’s find out what are the ‘Global Fastest Growing Industries by Revenue Growth (%) in 2020’:

  • Sugar Manufacturing (8.8%)
  • Military Shipbuilding & Submarines (8.5%)
  • Public Relations Agencies (6.3%)
  • Auto Parts & Accessories Manufacturing (6.2%)
  • Consumer Electronics Manufacturing (6.2%)
  • Pension Funds (5.8%)
  • Airport Operation (5.1%)
  • Engineering Services (4.9%)
  • Bakery Goods Manufacturing (4.8%)
  • HR & Recruitment Services (4.8%)

Midst the all above enlisted industries there is also the HR and Recruitment area that is not only evolving in terms of technology, methodology and required skills for this job, but it’s also a market that influences and shapes the global scenario. The predictions prove that the HR department is definitely undergoing serious transformations due to constant software implementations and automatization of processes but at the same time ‘these changes will provide growth opportunities for HR professionals’, according to Software Advice.

If you are looking for a specific position in the HR industry you should keep a close eye on some of the following projections:

  • In-house HR will have smaller dimensions and the process of outsourcing will keep on growing.
  • HR professionals will have to improve their ‘Strategic Thinking’ skills because it is considered to be the ‘new core competence’ and ‘HR Professionals will likely transition into HR Business Professionals who not only understand HR implications but also business operations and strategy’
  • Recruiting is getting closer and closer to Marketing and, as a matter of fact, according to experts: ‘HR will evolve the ‘internal marketing’ role to include social marketing coordination and brand ownership, that is, outside talent ‘buying’ into the brand–the company–to potentially work in the organization’
  • HR personnel is becoming much more advanced in terms of ‘remote workforce’ management and also the integration and coherent use of analytics and big data.


If you want to be part of the HR industry the general advice for you is to apply the principles of permanent learning. This will allow you to get ahead of the curve and as Dr. Presser recommends ‘learn everything you can about your industry, your competitors, and pending legislation that affects your business operations. Most of all, define yourself as a businessperson and act accordingly.’


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