How to deal with that sense of fatigue at the end of the year
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How to deal with that sense of fatigue at the end of the year

Staying in shape can help improve your state of mind and increase positive thinking

We all feel that sort of end-of-year fatigue caused by a high volume of workload, stress, tight deadlines and less concentration before the holidays period.

The main indicators are irritability, sleepiness, and moments when we experience distraction and lack of focus. Many experts say that between November and December most of us feel we are more tired, overwhelmed and going through the motions. It is important to talk about this sense of discomfort, ask for help and support your colleagues in order to give a positive contribution. Remember that it’s a common feature that all professional experience with various levels of intensity.

What are the best ways to cope with this type of distress?

When you can, do some ‘digital detox’

Even if you do not work within an office try to reduce the use of digital devices and try to spend more time outside, preferably immersed in nature. Spend more time with the people you love and open up about the sense of discomfort. By performing digital detox, you will be able to focus more on things or activities that you left pending. Take your time and find a new pace in order to feel more relaxed and feel less tired.

Reflect on what you’ve achieved during this year

You might also feel a little bit demotivated and unable to set new goals, that is why you should make a list of all the successes you’ve achieved and difficult moments that you’ve managed in a brilliant way. Based upon that list, start setting new objectives and new projects. Working on a whole new mindset will allow you to redefine your lifestyle, create a new paradigm and improve your wellbeing.

Stay in shape and go for a healthier diet

Adopt a healthier diet able to provide the right energy and boost your morale. Increase your sports activities and try doing yoga. This will help you find the right concentration and be more relaxed. Remember to get enough sleep and avoid excessive alcohol and caffeine and find healthy ways to relax and distress.

It is also advisable not to mistake this state of mind with the burnout syndrome. This type of fatigue can be easily managed. It’s just about finding the right method that can work for you.

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