‘Goblin Mode’ and the challenge of getting out of it
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‘Goblin Mode’ and the challenge of getting out of it

It was voted the Oxford English Dictionary’s 2022 Word of the Year, beating terms like ‘metaverse’ and ‘I Stand With’ hands down. But what exactly is Goblin Mode? And why is it still relevant in 2023?

Let’s start with this curious term: as Tolkien fans know well, goblins are fantastical creatures that are grimy, unfriendly, spiteful and little inclined to follow the basic rules of social behaviour.

Taking its cue from those distinctly unappealing creatures, going ‘Goblin Mode’ refers to ‘finding pleasure in being unpresentable’, which translates to lazy, slovenly behaviour combined with the rejection of social norms.


What have Goblins got to do with us?

Everything most likely began with the pandemic and lockdown restrictions, followed by more recent disastrous events such as the war in Ukraine, which has stoked the general sense of threat and uncertainty. But there’s more to it: the trend also probably started as a reaction against the glossy perfection we’re presented with day in, day out in the media and on social networks. Those seemingly flawless faces leave us feeling alienated and always ‘less than’: less beautiful, less talented, less adequate.

Some of us have absorbed this mood of negativity to the point of choosing to stay home in a tracksuit and slippers, eating pizza on the sofa and avoiding personal contact and social events.


How our inner goblin takes over

Less socializing, less glamour, less fancy nights out and less willingness to let ourselves be influenced by people who have made a career of it: influencers.

That leads to us neglecting our self-care: and here we are, transformed into goblins.

But are we sure we’re actually enjoying this lifestyle?

Have we actively chosen it, or are we just trying to escape from something that no longer fulfils us, which we feel no longer reflects who we are?


Getting out of Goblin Mode: where to start

It’s hard navigating between the doom-laden news cycle and perfect smiling faces on social media showing off their (apparently) happy lives that don’t reflect our own experiences. So why not try something different? Take a deep breath and try to focus on what really counts, tackling Goblin Mode head-on.

There are lots of ways we can start, things that will give us an immediate sense of inspiration and personal fulfilment: interests, hobbies, a day trip out of the city, or a job that gives satisfaction.

So let’s take up the challenge and start today: rip off those Goblin rags, and let’s put on an outfit we actually like!

Sometimes, to get rid of that sense of emptiness and negativity mixed with low self-esteem that makes it impossible to get off the sofa, all we need is a breath of fresh air and a chat with a friend, outside in the real world, disconnected from social media for a few hours. A moment to focus on what we want for ourselves.


Ever considered starting over with a job you actively enjoy?

This is what we do best, so here’s our top tip for you: among the many steps needed to get out of goblin mode, finding a job that reflects your expectations and aspirations in life is an excellent first move. Feeling you’re in the right place – at work as anywhere else – helps boost well-being and self-esteem, creating a cycle of positive energy that will improve many facets of your daily life.


Here’s what to do:

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Perhaps Goblin Mode is nothing more than a competition against ourselves – and finding the right job is one way of beating our inner goblin!