Quiet Quitting working no more than necessary

Quiet Quitting: working no more than necessary

The trend sweeping through the workplace started on Tik Tok


Your worth as a person is not defined by your labour”.

So said Zaid Khan, a 24-year-old engineer from New York, in his video that went viral in record time.

The phrase sums up the meaning behind this global phenomenon, which has resonated particularly with Millennials & Gen Z. The hashtag #quietquitting soon swept across social media, getting more than 9 million views.

But what exactly does #QuietQuitting mean?

Literally, it means silently giving something up. In the workplace, that translates into putting less effort into your job, doing less overtime, not bothering to prove your worth as a professional, and prioritizing free time, family and personal interests. Instead. In effect, people embracing the phenomenon are tending to become increasingly disengaged at work, doing just the bare minimum as they put their private lives first.

Less competitiveness, more flexibility

While flexibility has become a must-have in any job, competitiveness is less important now, reflecting people’s need for more “me time”.

Particularly the younger generations in the post-pandemic era, when the Yolo generation has emerged, are putting themselves first. They’re focusing on expanding their sphere of personal interests, lowering their risk of burnout, finding time for themselves, demanding greater flexibility, and choosing what’s really worthy of their effort. There’s an increasing awareness that “you only live once”.

In many cases, it’s not that quiet quitters are doing a job that’s not right for them, or which makes them totally dissatisfied with their work life. They simply seem to be prioritizing the new values that emerged after the pandemic, over and above their careers.

Given this scenario, it seems obvious that businesses have failed to foster a real sense of connection and motivation among their employees, neglecting crucial aspects such as listening, communication and opportunities for growth.

So, it’s yes to putting in extra time, but only if you spend it on yourself: success at work is no longer the yardstick of happiness.

Does this idea resonate with you? Right now, you’re not the only one!

Still, finding a job that allows you to reconcile your career and your personal life is possible.

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